01 Series, Three New Lines For Pirelli Truck

To mark the centenary of commercial vehicle tyre manufacturing innovation, Pirelli unveils three new lines to complete the 01 Series. The W:01, H:01 and G:01 models are respectively designed for use in critical winter conditions, long distance haulage and construction machinery. Developed to meet the requirements of the trade as far as safety, environmental sustainability, wear and low running costs are concerned, the latest additions to the 01 Series were launched in Izmit, in Turkey. The W:01 line guarantees maximum performance on wet, snowy or icy surfaces and temperatures below 4° centigrade. On the other hand, low rolling resistance, acoustic comfort and high mileage are the main characteristics of H:01 tyres designed for long-haul transport vehicles on motorways or arterial roads. Finally, for construction vehicles used both on-the-road and on-site, Pirelli has designed G:01 tyres, these being particularly tear-resistant and able to guarantee high mileage. Like all 01 Series tyres, the manufacturing process of the three new lines also employs latest-generation SATTTM (Spiral Advanced Technology for TruckTM) technology allowing high standards of tyre life, retreadability, even wear, comfort and steering precision to be achieved. Furthermore, compounds and tread patterns are designed and optimised according to the performance required in the various applications. In all 01 Series lines, a summary of performance benefits is provided by the ECOIMPACT symbols on the sidewall.