2021 Pirelli Tyre Tests

At this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix (27-29 November) and at the season-closing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (11-13 December), all the drivers will be able to test the 2021-specification Pirelli tyres that were homologated by the FIA after the test in FP2 at Portimao in Portugal last month.
Following a vote that modifies article 24.1 of the sporting regulations, Pirelli will supply two sets of tyres in 2021 C3 compound at the Bahrain Grand Prix per car. Both sets can be used in either FP1 or FP2, at the discretion of the teams, and for a minimum run of six timed laps each but at least one of these two sets must be used for six timed laps in FP2, even if it has been used in FP1. The tyre pressures for the test will be set at 21psi at the front (1.5psi less than the current 2020 specification) and 20.5psi at the rear (0.5psi less than the current 2020 specification).
In Abu Dhabi, one set of tyres will be supplied per car in 2021 C4 compound, which must be used in FP2 only for a minimum run of eight timed laps.
These 2021 tyres will be given on top of the standard allocation for both races (two sets of P Zero White hard, three sets of P Zero Yellow medium, and eight sets of P Zero Red soft per car).