2022 Belgian Grand Prix - Preview

Mario Isola - Motorsport Director

“New changes bring new challenges, but the epic nature of Spa is still the same”

“This year, Spa has undergone some of the biggest changes we have seen since we started going there in the modern era of Formula 1. But we know something of what to expect thanks to the 24-hour race last month – our biggest event of the year in terms of people and tyres – as well as some asphalt samples that we have taken. In addition to some new asphalt on five corners, there are some new gravel traps on four corners, which are much closer to the side of the track. Drivers will need to pay more attention to track limits, and there’s also an increased chance of sharp gravel being dragged onto the surface. The epic nature of Spa remains unchanged though, with all the traditional challenges that make the circuit so exciting still in place.” 

Mario Isola - Motorsport Director


  • The three compounds in the middle of the range have been chosen for Spa: C2 as the P Zero White hard, C3 as the P Zero Yellow medium, C4 as the P Zero Red soft.
  • The asphalt is new between Turns 2 and 4, and Turns 8 and 9, with the bumps removed and increased grip.
  • Gravel traps have been added close to the track at Turns 1, 6, 7, and 9. The gravel features sharp stones, and there are also some sharp edges close to the concrete kerbing.
  • Spa is one of the most demanding circuits for tyres on the calendar, featuring particularly high lateral loads. The famous Eau Rouge-Raidillon complex is just one of the places where tyres are subjected to multiple forces: pushed into the ground by downforce and compression, while cornering at the same time.
  • Variable weather is always a famous hallmark of Spa, making an outing for the Cinturato Green intermediate or Cinturato Blue full wet tyre a distinct possibility.


The P Zero Yellow medium and P Zero Red soft tyres have been nominated, Each driver has five sets of slick tyres (three medium and two soft) to use across the weekend. The sprint race, lasting 18 laps, takes place on Saturday afternoon ahead of the 25-lap feature race on Sunday morning.

Drivers have three new sets of P Zero Yellow medium tyres to use across the weekend, plus another set of mediums carried over from the previous round for use in free practice. A 15-lap sprint race will be held on Saturday morning, followed by a feature race of 18 laps on Sunday.



Pirelli completes an action-packed two weeks of Belgian motorsport at Spa, with the all-asphalt Ypres Rally Belgium taking place last weekend as part of the World Rally Championship. Hyundai driver Ott Tänak won the event, using the latest-generation Pirelli P Zero rally tyres.

Pirelli has set a new record during the 100th running of the legendary Pikes Peak hill climb in Colorado, USA, with a P Zero Trofeo-equipped Lamborghini Urus driven by multiple hill climb champion Simone Faggioli setting a new benchmark for production SUVs.