A double for Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO™II, chosen as original equipment for MV Agusta Rivale 800 and Brutale 800 Dragster

The supersport tyre from the Italian brand equips the latest models from the Schiranna company, consolidating its position as the best choice for the most exclusive and high-performance motorcycles recently launched on the market The DIABLO ROSSO™II, supersport tyre of the Pirelli range, continues to get satisfaction and to be chosen as the exclusive original equipment for some of the most prestigious motorcycles recently introduced on the market. Among which the latest machines from MV Agusta; the Rivale 800 that will use Pirelli tyres in 120/70 ZR17 front and 180/55 ZR17 rear sizes and the latest creature from the Schiranna company, the Brutale 800 Dragster, which will be on sale with DIABLO ROSSO™II 120/70 ZR17 front and 200/50 ZR17 rear. DIABLO™ is the family of high performance motorcycle tyres from Pirelli. The DIABLO™ trademark was born in 2002, making its first entry in the supersport segment and then extending the range up to the present in many other market segments. DIABLO™ can therefore boast over 10 years of history, experience, technology and victories both on track and in comparative tests produced by the leading motorcycle magazines. DIABLO ROSSO™II is the supersport tire for road use of the Rosso Generation. As a result of technologies developed by Pirelli in over ten years of participation in the FIM Superbike World Championship, DIABLO ROSSO™II brings to new horizons the sporty skills of the Rosso Generation for road use. Developed for naked and supersport motorcycles that require superior performance and crucial riding safety in all conditions, from winding country roads to city traffic, on dry as well as wet surfaces. DIABLO ROSSO™II adopts some of the avant-garde technologies from Pirelli: • The EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology), a technology developed by Pirelli in the Superbike World Championship, it optimizes the contact patch for an improved adhesion of the tyre to the asphalt giving excellent grip • The ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping), is the technology that enhances the grip and the power delivery of modern motorcycles shaping perfectly the profile of the tyre for unprecedented results in terms of stability and safety while leaning • FGD (Functional Groove Design) contributes to improve the wear regularity and to further increase the contact surface with a sea/land ratio improved that increases the agility of riding and the transmission of the power to the ground. The structure of DIABLO ROSSO™II has been designed to maximize the contact area at any angle and at all speeds, to support the tread and to get a sporty grip combined with excellent stability. All this was achieved with the EPT technology that ensures a more uniform distribution of stress and pressure over the entire contact area. The profiles designed with the ICS technology, provide support in lean and confidence while exiting corners at full throttle. Structure and profiles have been designed to allow the front and the rear to work in sync with a balanced behaviour. The 0° steel belt under the tread optimizes the shape and elasticity of the tyre thus ensuring the rider a progressive feedback through the corner, a homogeneous behaviour and an optimal bump absorption. With the support of the compounds, the zero-degree steel belt ensures maximum braking stability. Regarding the compounds, DIABLO ROSSO™II applies the Bi-Compound concept to the rear tyre optimizing mileage and grip. In the central area there are polymers that improve the hysteresis to provide a faster warm-up and high traction in straight acceleration. On the external zone, the slick area contains a High Dispersion Carbon Black compound that provides an excellent grip at full lean and with any riding style. Both compounds warm up quickly and reach the optimal temperature of use in a very short time, letting the rider feel confidence and grip from the very beginning. Finally, the compound of the front tyre provides regular wear combined with stability. The tread pattern design of the DIABLO ROSSO™II uses the FGD technology: the grooves are positioned exactly where needed, leaving the slick area on the shoulders and at the centre to ensure high mileage and grip at lean. DIABLO ROSSO™II is exclusively personalisable thanks to special adhesive labels that can be created on the Pirelli website and applied on both sides of the front and rear tyres. Each tyre becomes an affirmation of identity with which each rider may communicate his story and his passion for two wheels.