Agreement for international health sector cooperation with Minister for Equal Opportunity and Lombardy Regional Authority.

Continuing the programme of professional training launched at the Romanian hospital in 2008 with the participation of over 120 doctors and nurses. New activities in Radiology, Burns Therapy and Gynecology. Pirelli’s contribution approximately one million euros since  launch. The Minister for Equal Opportunity, the Regional Authority of Lombardy and Pirelli today signed an agreement to expand and renew to 2013 the international health sector cooperation, launched in 2008, between Milan’s Niguarda Hospital Ca’ Granda and the Slatina Hospital in Romania, with the aim of supporting the professional training of the medical and nursing staff through a training course coordinated by the Milan hospital medical structure. The new ‘International Health Sector Cooperation’ project, under the patronage of the Ministry for Equal Opportunity, was signed today at Pirelli’s headquarters by Mara Carfagna, Minister for Equal Opportunity, Roberto Formigoni, President of the Regional Authority of Lombardy, and Marco Tronchetti Provera, Chairman of Pirelli, with the participation of the Consul General of Romania in Milan, Tiberiu Dinustrong and Pasquale Cannatelli, Director General of the Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital.The new professional training programme will involve, over the next three years, the Rumanian hospital’s medical and nursing staff in theoretical and practical courses in the areas of Radiology and Burns Therapy, as well as in-depth study in themes related to Emergency Treatments and Emergency Medicine. Particular attention will also be given to training in Gynecology, in response to the community’s pressing need for preventative treatments for female sicknesses given the great frequency of gynecological pathologies. As with the previous training programme – launched in 2008 and with the participation of over 120 doctors and nurses from the Rumanian hospital for Emergency Medicine, Surgery and Intensive Therapy – a number of senior medical staff from Niguarda will go to Slatina to oversee the launch of the new technologies and procedures for the specialties covered by the agreement, and doctors from the Rumanian hospital will attend the theoretical and practical courses at the hospital in Milan. The goal is to develop specific health technologies of excellence based on comparison and learning of new approaches based on modern scientific medical protocols. Over the three year period, Pirelli will contribute approximately 400,000 euros a year, which will bring the total commitment to approximately one million euros from the launch of the project. The agreement is part of the social initiatives that Pirelli conducts in support of local communities wherever it has production facilities. In Slatina, in particular, Pirelli has been active since 2005 and today has an industrial facility for the production of steelcord and high-performance tyres that employs approximately 2,000 workers. With regard to Gynecology, the new project also involves activities aimed a Pirelli employees in particular, these include information campaigns and monitoring for the prevention of female tumors. PDF Version (153KB)