Agreement with TimoCom to enrich the fleet offer

At the 65th International Motorshow IAA in Hannover, the main showcase for commercial vehicles at international level, Pirelli and TimoCom announced their partnership and introduced the TimoCom sales promotion on Pirelli Truck 01 Series™ tyres.  Between September 26th 2014 and June 30th 2015, the fleets purchasing Pirelli Truck 01 Series 01™ tyres through a network of selected retailers in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland and registering before December 31st 2014 on Pirelli’s website in the participating countries will have the possibility to participate in the sales promotion by TimoCom. Moreover they will be able to use for free, up to 11 months, the freight exchange online platform TC Truck&Cargo®. The freight exchange is a virtual exchange platform mostly for freight forwarders and hauliers:  thanks to simple and secure operations you can find freight or offer vehicle space, optimising the forwarding and logistics and reducing the costs.  Up to 450,000 international vehicle and freight offers from over 100,000 users across Europe are offered daily. The initiative is part of Pirelli’s commitment to sustainable and efficient mobility, since it optimises fleet costs and safeguards the environment.  Pirelli shares these values and objectives with TimoCom, the German market leader among Europe's vehicle and freight exchanges, providing innovative solutions for the transport industry. For the markets not participating in the promotion, details of the initiative can be found on www.pirelli.com and on www.timocom.com. Retailers in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland can instead directly refer to the local Pirelli website.