The new Aston Martin all-electric Rapide E has Pirelli as its official technical partner to help deliver the performance to make it unmistakeably an Aston Martin. .

Like so many Aston Martins before it, this All-Electric model will be equipped with PirelliP ZERO™ tyres. But there’s no such thing as a generic P ZERO™ anymore: instead, eachP ZERO™ tyre is created specifically for the model it is fitted to. This new Aston Martin will require different fitments for the two axles: 245/35ZR21 (96Y) XL P ZERO ncs on the front and 295/30ZR21 (102Y) XL P ZERO ncs at the rear.

Pirelli’s engineers are working alongside their counterparts from Aston Martin to continually fine-tune the tyre specification. This will perfectly complement the style and supreme performance alongside the new zero-emission powertrain characteristics of the car itself.

The Pirelli P ZERO™ tyres fitted to the new Rapide E will carry a big responsibility. The technology within them ensuring low rolling resistance is paramount as this will help to support the longevity of the vehicle on one charge of battery. The balancing act comes as the tyres also have to faithfully convey every nuance of the car’s characteristics, making the need for performance and responsive handling a key factor as well. These characteristics are finely balanced through individually optimised tread patterns to ensure high performance from the rear axle to manage the torque levels of the electric motors whilst on the front axle, maintaining the low rolling resistance and precision wet weather performance.

The Rapide E tyres will also feature the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System helping to reduce cavity noise. Here sound absorbing technology reduces the frequency filtering through the car, providing superior comfort compared to traditional tyres.

Every Aston Martin has a distinctive personality. Accordingly, the tyre that is made for every model is unique. To denote this fact, the tyres designed by Pirelli for this unique Aston Martin will carry the marking A4E on the sidewalls of the two different sized tyres.

Published on: 17 September 2018, 11:43 CET