Another step forward with the new R:01 II tyres

It is not easy to further improve a product which already has reached high-quality standards. Nevertheless, this is exactly what Pirelli did with the new generation of R:01 tyres, marking an important step forward. Further developing the SATT structure and the technological innovation of the O1 Series (honeycomb bead, fully rubberized cord, dual layer tread compound technology), the so called “Regional” products have been improved to create the new R:01 II range.  This has been possible thanks to the use of new compounds enriched with silica and an innovative tread pattern design (FR:01II) . The result? Higher mileage, improved resistance to tearing and increased road-holding in dry and wet conditions.To further improve tread resistance and retreading capacity, the R:01II has reinforced beads (BWC - Bead Wrapped Chafer). In the case of TR:01 II tyres, they registered improved grip on snowy surfaces so that the tyres successfully passed the homologation tests under the EU regulations and are therefore marked 3PMSF.