Assen – Round 4 – SBK Race report

448_R04_Rea_actionPirelli brought nearly 4,500 tyres to the TT Assen Circuit consisting of 4 front tyre solutions and 3 rear solutions. We are delighted with the new SC1 development rear solution, whose performance was proven in Race 1 by Jonathan Rea (Honda), who took the win.  After a temperature change of 6°C at the start of Race 2, all riders opted for the B front (SC2) tyre and A rear solution.  The second race’s final result saw six manufacturers in the top seven positions, a perfect example of the Diablo Superbike tyres’ versatility.  We work to deliver this versatility into new hypersport tyres like the Diablo Rosso Corsa, to be presented at the TT Assen tomorrow.  The Diablo Rosso Corsa is the first motorcycle tyre with personalisable sidewalls that features WSBK technology, deriving its III zone compound and EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology) from our development efforts last season.