Assignment of Prelios shares

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As previously announced on 21 October 2010, Pirelli & C. S.p.A. announces that the assignment to the ordinary and savings shareholders of Pirelli & C. of 487,231,561 ordinary Prelios (former Pirelli Re) shares held by the company, in a ratio of one Pirelli Re share for each ordinary or savings share of Pirelli & C. held, has begun today.

The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting held on 15 July has resolved upon the reduction of the share capital aimed at implementing the afore mentioned assignment of the Prelios shares, for an amount equal to Euro 178,813,982.89, corresponding to the value of the participation held in Pirelli Re to be assigned, determined on the basis of the official price of the Pirelli Re shares as of 14 July 2010. In accordance with accounting rules, Pirelli & C. has restated the liability arising from the transaction, on the basis of the official price of the Prelios shares as of today (equal to Euro 0.4337), from Euro 178,813,982.89 to Euro 211,312,328, with a change in net equity equal to Euro 32,498,345. At the same time, following the assignment of the Prelios shares, Pirelli & C. has recorded a loss in the income statement equal to about Euro 118.3 million, corresponding to the difference between the value of the liability, restated as indicated above, and the net accounting value (so-called book value) of the Prelios shares. On a consolidated basis, the impact of the assignment will be negative for about Euro 219.2 million, including the transfer to Pirelli & C.’s income statement of Prelios net losses previously recorded in equity on Pirelli & C.’s consolidated balance sheet. The Company announces that, pursuant to Article 9, paragraph 4, letter a), of the Presidential Decree no. 917 of 22 December 1986, the value of Pirelli Re shares to be assigned, for tax purposes (valore normale) – equal to the average price of the Pirelli Re shares during the month preceding the date of assignment – is Euro 0.43877.

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