CARRIER Winter and Camper extend the range for VAN

After launching the new CARRIER Summer last spring, Pirelli completes its high technology range for VANs with the CARRIER Winter and the CARRIER Camper. With the CARRIER range, Pirelli aims for European replacement market leadership in the light commercial vehicle segment. Thanks to a brand new compound and a re-designed tread profile, the CARRIER Winter offers improved performance compared to the previous CHRONO Winter which it will replace during 2014 and 2015, reaching 99% coverage of the European market for winter VAN tyres. By the end of the second half of 2015, CARRIER Winter will be available in 20 different sizes on the European and Turkish market. Going into details, the CARRIER Winter guarantees a mileage improvement of 30% thanks to the new high-density compound and to an enhanced tread profile. An improvement in the uniformity of the tread wear has also been possible thanks to a careful product development, focused on the needs of the different markets. Thanks to this latest parameter (wet grip) and to rolling resistance, the new CARRIER achieved a “C” rating on the European tyre label. The new CARRIER Camper completes the tyre range: it has been developed starting from the same tread design of the CARRIER Summer, achieving better performance than the previous CHRONO Camper generation as far as wet grip, mileage and European tyre label rating are concerned. The new product will cover about 80% of the European camper tyre market, with three sizes available on the European and Middle East markets. Also for the CARRIER Camper, the tread compound, design and profile have been completely renewed, leading to improved road holding and braking on wet surfaces and to enhanced aquaplaning resistance. More specifically, the “C”-rated rolling resistance and the “A/B”-rated road holding on wet surfaces make this tyre particularly competitive in the Camper segment.  The CARRIER Camper has recently won the Autobild Reisemobil 2014 in the summer tyre category.