Celebrated the truck division centenary with three new product lines

From the momentous ‘Ercole 1000 x 150’, first marketed in 1911, to the new tyres for winter, highway and gravel applications, presented in Izmit to complete the 01 Series

The efficient mobility solutions of the new tyres guaranteeing fleets safety, environmental sustainability and low running costs

Photographic exhibition “Pirelli, a century of transport, faces, technology and tyres serving mobility” opened to mark the centenary celebrations

Pirelli racks up a century of operations in the truck sector and celebrates by unveiling to the international press three new tyre lines for winter, highway and gravel applications to complete the 01 Series. The three tyre lines respectively designed for use in critical winter conditions (FW:01 and TW:01), long distance haulage (FH:01 and TH:01) and construction machinery (FG:01 and TG:01). Developed to meet the requirements of the trade as far as safety, environmental sustainability, wear and low running costs are concerned, the latest additions to the 01 Series were launched in Izmit, in Turkey, where the Pirelli Group’s largest manufacturing works is situated that specialises not only in tyres for medium/heavy vehicles, but also for cars and motorsport. There is good reason for such choice since Turkey is one of the most important countries for the Pirelli Truck division, both as a manufacturing site and sales market, and is also one of those countries that have made the biggest contribution to establishing the Pirelli symbol in truck sector international markets over these past 100 years. From the first historic truck tyre, the ‘Ercole 1000 x 150’ that made its debut on the Pirelli price list in 1911, up until today, the Truck Business Unit has expanded and now numbers 6 works situated in Turkey, Italy, Egypt, China and Brazil, that boasts two sites. All the division’s factories employ the group’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and are supported by the Research and Development centres in Izmit, Santo Andrè (Brazil), Yanzhou (China) and Milan that guarantee tyre design tailored to meet the specific needs of the various markets. The worldwide growth strategy implemented in recent years has allowed the Pirelli Truck division to maintain its status in traditional markets and expand in the emerging ones. In particular, as a result of the recent investments in Brazil and China, the division can now count on competitive manufacturing facilities of sufficient size to meet the increasing demand for commercial vehicle tyres that is particularly strong in areas enjoying major growth. Such strategy guarantees Pirelli a dominant position in some of these markets, starting with countries of the Mediterranean Basin, especially Turkey and Egypt, and in South America. Historical documents and photos tell the hundred-year story of the Pirelli Truck division in the exhibition being held in Izmit to mark the launch. W:01 winter tyres have been designed by the Pirelli Research and Development department in order to ensure maximum performance on wet, snowy or icy surfaces and temperatures below 4° centigrade. Low rolling resistance, acoustic comfort and high mileage are the main characteristics of H:01 highway tyres designed for long-haul transport vehicles on motorways or arterial roads. Finally, for construction vehicles used both on-the-road and on-site, Pirelli has designed G:01 gravel tyres, these being particularly tear-resistant and able to guarantee high mileage. Like all 01 Series tyres, the three new lines also employ latest-generation SATT technology that provides extended product life, high retreadability, extremely even wear and improved steering precision. Compounds and tread patterns are designed and optimised according to the performance required in the various applications. In all 01 Series lines, a summary of performance benefits is provided by the ECOIMPACT symbols on the sidewall. The launch of the new range is accompanied by the enhancement of Pirelli integrated services to support haulage operators. Over the past few years, Pirelli has introduced the tyre Retreading System through a network of approved retreaders guaranteeing first-life quality even of subsequent retreads. Pirelli has also recently expanded CQ24 International, the breakdown service available throughout Europe and Turkey, designed to put the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. PDF Version (48 KB)