CyberFleet™ in Turkey and 01 Series in South America

Pirelli continues to introduce worldwide new solutions for the transport sector and for the efficient management of heavy vehicles. The Industrial Business Unit has indeed recently introduced in the Turkish market the innovative CyberFleet™ Technology, in cooperation with IT partner Avea. During the Driving Innovation Technology event held in Istanbul with the main fleets, journalists and Turkish dealers in attendance, Pirelli introduced its sensor that is fitted inside the tyre and monitors real-time pressure and temperature (along with the vehicle’s geographical position), transmitting the data collected to both driver and fleet manager using the Avea infrastructures. CyberFleet™ allows a truck fleet to save 1,000 euro per vehicle per year as a result of lower fuel consumption and extended tyre life. The project aims at equipping 1,000 vehicles in a year with a consequent fuel saving of one million euro. Besides improving road safety standards, this would lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 2,000 tons. Exhibiting at Fenatran, the main trade fair for the transport and logistics sector, offered the opportunity to show CyberFleet™ to visitors from all over South America and also to launch the entire range of 01 Series tyres in that market. With an investment of around 200 million dollars in Brazil between 2012 and 2015, the new tyres will be manufactured at the factories in Santo André, in the state of São Paolo, and Gravataí, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with an industrial process specially developed for the industrial segment and using exclusive Pirelli SATT™ technology. With products for every type of goods and passenger transport vehicle with mixed and urban use, the new range has been developed by taking the peculiar nature of South American roads into account. Innovative structures and compounds pay special attention to: reduction in operating temperature, improved wear and lower rolling resistance, cutting fuel consumption by around 2% and effectively tripling the working life of a tyre.