Cyber™ Fleet system under test in Germany

Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet is a mix of electronic and computer technology that provides truck driver and fleet manager with data regarding the tyre’s condition and its vehicle’s geographical position. Pirelli has completed the first testing phase of Cyber Fleet: the system that transmits tyre data in real time to drivers and fleet managers using electronic sensors and telemetry. The results of these tests were exclusively revealed at the Essen tyre show, where Pirelli is present from 5-8 June. The tests carried out so far have revealed that Cyber Fleet allows a fuel saving that can be up to 1000 Euros per year for each vehicle. It is also possible to calculate the efficiency of each single vehicle – thanks to the data provided by software partner Telogis – and identify any anomalies in tyre pressure, allowing the return on investment for installing the system to be easily calculated. Tests have shown that the investment required to buy Cyber Fleet will be returned completely within just six months of use, not to mention the added safety advantages that the system brings. In Germany testing will be carried out with dealers acting as an interface and they are currently selecting the fleets, also offering the opportunity to test a “static” version of Cyber™ Fleet, i.e. tyres are checked and data transmitted at the end of the day, whilst also recording mileage. European testing also features various business and participation models for the dealer who will be able to choose whether to integrate Cyber™ Fleet with the fleet services it already offers (such as tyre monitoring and maintenance) or use as a support when supplying tyres with the PPK (price per kilometre) system.