Diablo Rosso Corsa turns horsepower into lap time: the secret of Pirelli’s new hypersport tyre

Testing instruments compare the real power transferred from tyre to the ground by the new Diablo Rosso Corsa versus its closest tested competitors

Logo_Diablo_Rosso_Corsa_Pos&Neg_2With the arrival of Diablo Rosso Corsa, a new way of measuring tyres and their level of performance is born: the amount of horsepower the motorcycle transfers to the ground. The latest Pirelli tyre is the first on which intensive comparison tests were performed on a test circuit in order to measure the true “usable” power of the motorcycle. The results show that the Diablo Rosso Corsa at any point in the circuit, when coming up from lean and at initial acceleration, is able to transfer to the ground at least 10 more Hp than any other tested reference with a peak difference of 40 Hp. This more exploitable horsepower delivered by the Diablo Rosso Corsa translates to quicker acceleration out of the corners, higher speed on the straights and ultimately lower lap times. These tests were run using a standard production Honda CBR 1000RR with normal production suspension and standard setup as recommended by the manufacturer, including tyre pressures for normal road use. This coveted performance has been achieved by technical features such as its III zone compound with WSBK shoulder grip and EPT (Enhanced Patch Technology), as well as its patented structural elements like its H-shaped bead and 0° steel belt with new High Performance Single Cord. Pirelli tested the new Diablo Rosso Corsa against various reference products (Diablo Corsa III, Diablo Rosso, Dunlop Qualifier RR, Michelin Power Pure, Bridgestone BT 016 and Metzeler Sportec M5) at the Siracusa test circuit. By securing instruments commonly used to analyze the telemetry data in the World Superbike environment, Pirelli was able to accurately measure the required parameters in order to calculate the power discharged by the tyre to the ground. These parameters form a true scientific logic and include: acceleration (in both its lateral and longitudinal components), instantaneous velocity, and lean angle. Among the various stages of the curve, the measurements were focused on the moments on corner exits and at maximum lean when the throttle is being reopened, which is precisely when a rider needs all available power on the ground to achieve the maximum acceleration. The final calculations took into account the mass of the vehicle, including both the weight of the bike and rider, the true Force applied by the tyre to the ground is measured by the scientific formula F = m * a (force = mass times acceleration). The Power output is found by multiplying the force by the velocity (P = F * v). In this way, Pirelli’s R&D staff was able to measure the horsepower the bike was unloading to the ground moment by moment, centimeter by centimeter in various corners of the circuit in Sicily. More detailed information and videos of the Diablo Rosso Corsa as well as the entire range of Pirelli motorcycle tyres can be found online at www.pirellimoto.com.