DIABLO™ Superbike PRO, new profile, compounds and sizes

The perfect synthesis between racing setup, sporty carcass and long-lasting compounds: Pirelli improves DIABLO™ Superbike PRO, tire born in 2009 thanks to the experience of Pirelli in Superbike championships and developed for track training sessions and for track-days. To further develop the already excellent product features, Pirelli’s engineers have worked on both the front and the new 200/55 rear tire. The new 120/70 R17 size has a new compound and a more aggressive profile, improving handling and providing a larger contact patch, thus ensuring more grip, stability and precision during the trajectory of the corner. The new 200/55 R17 rear tire replaces the current 190/55 R17 size. The benefits derived from the combination of the structure with the profile are the same obtained on the front tire with the additional advantage of subjecting the compound to a lower level of stress, thanks to the larger contact surface. This has allowed Pirelli’s technicians to work on the compounds to increase the grip while maintaining the same benefits of the previous product in terms of durability, consistency and set-up ease. The 200/55 R17 rear tire is now a dual compound: the central compound extends for 30% of the tire profile, while the shoulder compound covers 35% of the profile of each side. The compound in the central section guarantees durability and constant tire temperature, while the shoulder compound comes from that of DIABLO™ Supercorsa SC2 and significantly improves the grip when cornering. DIABLO™ Superbike PRO, recognizable by the longitudinal red stripe on the tread pattern and for the red “PRO” logo on the sidewall, offers an easy set-up very similar to that provided by supersport tires combined with long-lasting performances.