Discovering “Excitement technology”

Engineered to excite is the new section created inside Pirelli.com to help consumers choose the perfect tyre for their vehicles. Drawing its inspiration from the Pirelli Summer advertising campaign, Engineered to excite contains the information needed to explain in layman’s terms concepts such as “type approval” and “bespoke tyre”. The landing page is a tribute to “Excitement technology” with a video of the summer campaign and an introduction to the work that Pirelli and leading vehicle manufacturers do in partnership to create optimum vehicle/tyre integration and unadulterated driving enjoyment. The next three sections give details of Pirelli’s product offers and allow you to find a bespoke tyre for your vehicle whilst explaining the path from design to manufacture. “Exclusive offer” is the section where you can find all current promotions and search for authorised dealers. “Bespoke passion” lets you find the tyre best suited to various leading prestige car makes. Finally, “From design to perfection” is the most comprehensive section providing detailed explanations of the three stages required to produce a bespoke tyre. Pirelli starts with a design stage lasting around three months, aiming to make the most of the vehicle’s specific characteristics. This is followed by testing: the research and development required prior to approval of a Pirelli tyre lasts on average three years. The final stage of the approval procedure is product engineering and manufacture for which between three and six months are necessary. It is here that the product comes to the end of the development process and the interaction between tyre and vehicle is perfected. And only now is it finally ready for the logo, that custom marking certifying the tyre has been specifically created for that particular vehicle model. The defining part that makes the difference!