Domination for the Scorpion MX at the Grand Prix of Mexico

Pirelli tires fills the first five positions of the MX1 and MX2 classes at Guadalajara Guadalajara (Mexico), 13 May 2012 – The fourth round of sixteen in the FIM Motocross World Championship was a great showcase for Pirelli Scorpion MX as the Mud and MidSoft 32 profiles booted the motorcycles of the first five classified riders in both categories. It was not an easy Grand Prix – run on Mexican dirt for the very first time – as a rough and technical surface was initially dusty and hard but then became rutty and slippery with extra watering. In MX1 Antonio Cairoli picked up his second win of the season with his factory KTM using MidSoft 32 front and Mud rear. The combination was the choice for the other Pirelli riders in the premier class such as Clement Desalle, David Philippaerts, Ken De Dycker and Tanel Leok. Cairoli triumphed thanks to his win in the first moto and third position in the second. “The track was a bit inconsistent,” said the championship leader. “It was slippery in some places and gave good traction in others but my Scorpion MX did a good job and provided me with grip and a decent feeling.” In MX2 Jeffrey Herlings claimed both races to increase his command at the top of the standings and raced using MidSoft 32 front and Mud rear to capture his third double of the season. The second step of the podium went to Tommy Searle, who opted to fit his Kawasaki with MidSoft 32 front and rear with 120/80-19 dimensions for the slick terrain and went 2-2 in the motos. Behind the Englishman were other Pirelli racers Jeremy Van Horebeek, Joel Roelants and Christophe Charlier. The next Grand Prix, on May 20th, will take place at Beto Carrero situated 100km north of Florianópolis, and closes this South American chapter of the calendar. MX1 Overall Classification: 1.   Antonio Cairoli         KTM   Team Red Bull Factory 2.   Clement Desalle       Suzuki   Team Rockstar 3.   David Philippaerts   Yamaha   Team Monster Energy 4.   Ken De Dycker         KTM   Team Red Bull Factory 5.   Tanel Leok               Suzuki   Team Rockstar Championship standings: 1.   Antonio Cairoli          KTM   p. 172 2.   Clement Desalle        Suzuki   p. 149 3.   Gautier Paulin              Kawasaki   p. 134 4.   Ken De Dycker          KTM   p. 131 5.   Christophe Pourcel   Kawasaki   p. 129 MX2 Overall Classification: 1.   Jeffrey Herlings          KTM   Team Red Bull Factory 2.   Tommy Searle            Kawasaki   Team Floride 3.   Jeremy V. Horebeek   KTM   Team Red Bull Factory 4.   Joel Roelants              Kawasaki   Team Floride 5.   Christophe Charlier    Yamaha   Team Monster Energy Championship standings: 1.   Jeffrey Herlings          KTM   p. 194 2.   Jeremy V. Horebeek   KTM   p. 154 3.   Tommy Searle            Kawasaki   p. 153 4.   Joel Roelants              Kawasaki   p. 118 5.   Jordi Tixier                 KTM   p. 107