Enea and Pirelli Labs: joint research projects launched

Enea and Pirelli Labs: Joint Research Projects Launched Into Energy And Sustainable Development

Among the study projects, the development of "photovoltaic concentrator panels"
to reduce investment costs.

Milan, 27 April 2006 - Pirelli Labs, the technological excellence centre of the Pirelli Group, and ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment, have launched three advanced research projects in the field of renewable energy sources and sustainable development as part of a special five-year framework agreement.

The first studies launched concern photovoltaic concentrators, a new generation of environmental monitoring sensors and background studies in the cold fusion field.

ENEA and Pirelli Labs believe that photovoltaic concentrator panel technology represents a promising solution in the sphere of photovoltaic systems in that it can lead to a significant reduction in investment costs and therefore a more widespread use of such systems. Joint activity on this project will bring together the high level techno-scientific know-how of Enea and the industrial experience of the Pirelli Group.

In the sustainable development field, the purpose of the Enea-Pirelli Labs partnership is the study of a new generation of intelligent, low-consumption remote control sensors to monitor environmental pollution which, eventually spread across a wider territory, will provide real-time data via a wireless connection and with minimised running costs.

With regard to activity in the cold fusion field, the joint expertise of Enea and Pirelli Labs, in the quantum optics materials and industrial fields respectively, intend to help clarify controversial aspects in the development of solutions aimed at possible future energy production.

The agreement between Enea and Pirelli Labs includes the definition of additional research projects in common interest fields.
The launch of this partnership further confirms Pirelli commitment to sustainable development technologies.

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