FIA-GT: Pirelli gears up to second round at Monza

For the second round of the season of the FIA GT Championship, Pirelli has some new products destined for the Ferrari (in GT2) and the Saleen (in GT1), both of which use PZero Racing tyres. The recent tests carried out at Vallelunga have yielded some positive results?

For Pirelli's home event, the Italian team has reinforced its arsenal on what is set to be a crucial race. For this precise reason, Pirelli recently held a test session at the Vallelunga circuit near Rome.

During the test, Pirelli motorsport's technicians worked on constructions and compounds for both front and rear tyres (which are hard for tracks such as Brno and soft for places like Monza). These tests produced very positive results, which should be evident on the Ferrari 430 GTCs run by BMS-Scuderia Italia and Scuderia Ecosse.

In the case of the PeKa Racing Saleen S7-R, the work consisted of redefining the Pirelli tyre range for the American supercar. The range has been widened, with new soft rubber and a different size front tyre, which will be seen from Monza onwards.

Also present at Vallelunga was the Trackspeed Porsche 997 GT3-RSR, while the second PZero Racing - equipped Saleen, run by RBimmo/B Racing did not take part in the test.

As Paul Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director, explains: "With the recent additions tested at Vallelunga, and the development work we have completed since Silverstone, I'm convinced that we can be aiming for top results in the GT2 class, as well as a strong performance in GT1 with the PeKa Racing Saleen S7-R. Monza - Pirelli's home circuit - is extremely hard on tyres, particularly because of the heavy braking and acceleration that we see there, as well as the sustained high speeds on the long straights."