From Diablo range the new Superbike sizes

In order to look after riders throughout their racing career, Pirelli has extended the Diablo Superbike range with sizes of front 100/70 R17 and rear 125/70 R17 for fitting to 2.5" and 3.5" rims respectively. These new tyres can be fitted to lightweight 125 cc and 250 cc racing bikes with small rims and a short wheelbase that means they are nimble and able to change direction quickly. Compared to their larger Superbike counterparts, they are bikes lacking the power to accelerate when coming out of tight corners, since the average power delivered by these engines varies from 24 to 44 HP. The new Diablo Superbike “mini sizes” are specially designed to cater for these specific characteristics, without affecting the qualities that have made so famous the larger sizes used by champions. The new sizes have a grooved profile that delivers great agility and fast lean in, whilst the compound utilised still manages to produce optimised grip despite the smaller contact patch. The new Diablo Superbike sizes provide key features such as reduced warm-up times, fast achievement of optimum temperature, improved grip during high-speed cornering, excellent directional stability, elimination of the need for a sophisticated suspension setup and overall performance that boosts rider confidence and the feeling of grip. In particular, the front 100/70 R17 is an SC1 compound, whilst the riders have a choice of three versions for the rear 125/70 R17: SC0 and SC1 for racing only and SC2 that is preferred for practice. As of February, both slick sizes will be available in a rain version with SCR1 compound.