Geneva Motor Show: from FORMULA 1 track to road

In its capacity of exclusive tyre technology partner to McLaren, Pirelli has developed a bespoke version of the asymmetrical P Zero™ Corsa for the new P1: 245/35ZR19 fronts and 315/30ZR20 rears. Visitors to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show were able to admire the new super car with its fitment of the special Pirelli tyres. The Woking manufacturer’s 960 bhp vehicle is designed to reach a top speed of 360 kph and in order to guarantee maximum stability and handling, Pirelli engineers have given the front tyre an asymmetrical profile, thus optimising the aerodynamic downforce. During braking and cornering this special asymmetrical P Zero Corsa guarantees an increased contact patch, working in tandem with one of the world’s most advanced suspension systems. In order to compensate for the high lateral thrust of up to 2 g exerted whilst accelerating and cornering, engineers at the Bicocca facility have developed an asymmetrical bead for the rear tyre. Capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kph in just 3 seconds, the new P1 requires a tyre that can transmit sufficient torque to the ground. This result is obtained by using two different structures for front and rear. Naturally, this work on the structure also affects compounds that reach their operating temperature much more quickly, speed up the tyre’s reaction to changes of direction and deliver optimum grip. The P1’s bespoke asymmetrical P Zero Corsa utilises functional polymers that along with innovative mixing processes, provide improved stability and greater resistance to stress.