Geneva Motor Show: Pirelli Tyres Fit Ichange, the First "Green" Supercar in Automobile History


The Italian Group named Best Tyre Manufacturer 2008 at the
Tire Technology Expo for its commitment to research and development of ecological solutions for the automobile industry


Gevena, 3 March 2009 - Pirelli tyres for the first sportscar in history that can reach 220 km per hour without consuming a drop of fuel derived from petrol oil. The car is "iChange", named for its ability to change shape and adapt to the number of passengers in only three seconds, but its most revolutionary aspect is that it's the first zero emission supercar, totally powered by a lithium ion battery that propels a 150 kilowatt electric engine.

iChange, trumpeted as one of the stars of the Geneva International Motor Show 2009, arises from collaboration between Swiss company Rinspeed and Pirelli, whose technology focuses more and more on ecological products.

This focus has been recognized, bringing Pirelli Tyre the award for best tyre manufacturer 2008 at the Tire Technology Expo, the most important expo-conference worldwide dedicated to the tyre industry, which organizes each year the 'Tire Technology Awards for Innovation and Excellence'. The jury, made up of international experts, gave Pirelli Tyre the title of 'Manufacturer of the Year' thanks to the Group's 2008 research and development activity in the field of innovative materials and environmental sustainability, and thanks to Pirelli's partnerships with research institutes such as the Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation and China's Shandong University.