H:01 Energy, ST:01 Neverending pass comparative tests

Pirelli has decided to carry out a series of tyre tests in order to check the right performance balance between low fuel consumption and safety. The tyres of the H:01 Energy (size 315/80 R 22.5) and of ST:01 Neverending Energy (size 385/65 R 22.5) ranges have been compared with previous product lines and with competitors’ tyres (1). The fuel consumption tests were carried out at the Nardò track, a circuit of 12.6 km, which allows the vehicles to maintain a constant speed and ensures a good test repeatability. Two Iveco Stralis 500 tractor units with Schmitz semi-trailers of the same unladen weight, covered 460 km for each tyre type. Halfway through the test, the tyres were moved from one truck to the other and the fuel tanks were weighed. The vehicles travelled with a full load (40 tons), at a constant speed of 100km/h in order to simulate and intensify the standard conditions of use and to increase fuel consumption. The electronic sensor Cyber Fleet monitored the tyres’ temperature and pressure in real time. Pirelli tyres confirmed their premium performance and, compared with the previous tyre lines (H88 and ST:01), showed an improved fuel saving of 3.5% (around 2,200 euro a year for each vehicle). In order to asses wet performance, the tests were carried out at Vizzola, on a wet, slippery asphalt track in December on 30 tyres (six for each brand) with an external temperature of around 5° Celsius. A Stralis 500 truck (without trailer) was loaded with 70% of the maximum allowable weight and was fitted with directional front tyres and Drive axle tyres on rear axle (standard market Configuration). The truck was driven on the wet track driving at approximately 60 km/h speed before performing a heavy braking test. The vehicle's deceleration registered around 50km/h and 20km/h, eliminating any doubts given by the ABS system and not calculating the stopping distance. Pirelli tyres proved themselves to be the best in class: the braking distance was 4.9 meters below the average distance of the competitors' tyres. (1)      Bridgestone: Ecopia H-Steer001 / Ecopia H-Drive001 / R109 Ecopia; Continental: HSL2+ ECO-PLUS / HDL2+ ECO-PLUS / HTL2 ECOPLUS; Goodyear: LHS II+ Marathon / LHD II+ Marathon / LHT II+ Marathon; Michelin: XZ Energy Savergreen / XD Energy Savergreen / XT Energy Savergreen