Many new developments from Pirelli

Pirelli Competizioni to field various new solutions for the Hungarian circuit. Predominantly soft tread compounds for the cars competing on P Zero Racings.


Milan, 27 September 2006 - Well known since twenty years as one of the most tortuous circuits on which Formula One cars compete, the Hungaroring near Budapest even maintains its fame as a "skating rink" in the case of the more powerful GT cars. So this weekend there will be a battle royal among the leaders of the international FIA-GT Championship on the 4.381 km Hungarian track, with its tight radius corners and slippery asphalt that will wear the tyres.

For the cars and crews that take to the circuit with P Zero Racing tyres, Pirelli Competizioni has produced a whole series of new developments especially to help fight the rampant understeer between the Hungaroring's hairpins to best respond to the "rebus" of the track's asphalt which, while being substantially slippery, is still extremely abrasive.

"At Budapest, a very selective track, Pirelli will have on offer tyres with predominantly soft tread compounds", revealed today Pierluigi De Cancellis, Circuit Manager of Pirelli Competizioni. " To best meet the requests of the teams that compete on our tyres, we will take to Hungary various new solutions. There is a new tread compound for the front and rear axles of the Ferrari 430 GTCs, two new compounds and a diameter of 19 inches for the front P Zero Racings of the Porsche 996 GT3-RSR, front tyres with a further developed tread mix for the Aston Martin DBR9s and an additional compound for the front and rear tyres of the Maserati MC12s. They are soft treads, but not excessively so, in order to safeguard the life of the tyres".

Pirelli Competizioni's Milan engineer sees the V8-engined cars with their generous torque (like Saleen and Corvette) as the favourites, as well as the Maseratis, which are highly equilibrated and have a traction control which is as effective as it is efficient.
"Understeer will probably penalise the Porsche", De Cancellis continued, "although for this race it could avail itself of an assertive driver who knows the circuit well: Uwe Alzen will briefly take the place of Emmanuel Collard in the P Zero Racing-fitted 996 GT3-RSR number 75 of Ebimotors and that will make the confrontation with the Ferrari 430 GTCs even more interesting. A fundamental aspect of this race will also be the various strategies devised by the teams in the GT2 class and the bigger GT1 category, where there is a notable equilibrium of the power on the circuit".

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