Marked tyres that enhance performance

Innovation, technology, performance and research are the characteristics that make Pirelli tyres car makers’ preferred original equipment fitment. P Zero, Cinturato and also the Pirelli winter range are in great demand as a fitment on the most prestigious new models. For example, the P Zero Ultra High Performance boasts more than 250 homologations worldwide, whilst Cinturato P7 has more than a 100. Indeed, partnerships between Pirelli and premium car makers to produce marked tyres are becoming increasingly common. These special tyres can be recognised by the initials or mark on the sidewall indicating joint development with a certain car maker. The marked tyres are type approved directly by the manufacturer and the perfect complement to the model of vehicle for which they have been created. We should also not forget that they are the result of a firm commitment to joint technological development and therefore the only tyres capable of improving the performance of top-of-the-range vehicles. In particular, the marking represents the top level of the fine tuning process, adding the finishing touch to the car sector’s most recent technological developments. These tyres are specially designed to improve vehicle performance, ensuring a unique driving experience. Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche are just some of the brands that have longstanding OE agreements with Pirelli. P Zero is actually fitted to the Aston Martin DB9 coupé and Volante, as well as the Jaguar XFRS, the new generation Porsche Panamera and BMW X1 and X3. The Bavarian car manufacturer has chosen the high-performance 21” P Zerofor its new X5 and X6 SUV. The Cinturato P7 range is perfect for the Audi A3, A7 and C7 Coupé. Finally, Mercedes has chosen the brand new Scorpion Winter SUV and Crossover snow tyre as the fitment for its GL Class X166.