Monza – Round 5 – SBK Race report

279_R05_Race2_podiumMonza is a historic race, the one closest to home for Pirelli as well as a circuit which tests our tyres to the very limit due to its high-speed Parabolica, long straights and extreme braking. In order to account for warm and cooler temperatures, here at Monza race we have delivered 4630 tyres which included 5 front solutions and 3 rear solutions for SBK, as well as 3 front and 2 rear solutions for SSP.  All SBK riders successfully raced the newly developed three-zone 190/65 rear tyre whose central compound is both more durable and higher-performing, much appreciated by the riders especially in braking sections. The most common front tyre choice was the B (SC2) solution, although depending teams’ bike setup, the A solution whose higher grip level or the more durable C solution – used by Biaggi and Haslam – also worked well at Monza.