Night Dragon, the tour for the custom market

3000 kilometres in five legs along the roads of six countries (Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey) and across the Bosphorus riding the latest models from Harley-Davidson: this is the “Night Dragon Tour”. Organised by Pirelli to introduce Night Dragon tyres to custom bike enthusiasts, the tour left Venice on 9th May with final destination Istanbul on 19th May. The purpose of the event is to allow those taking part to test the Night Dragon under various road and weather conditions over extremely differing routes in order to appreciate the product’s versatility whilst enjoying the picturesque landscape. Night Dragon are the new generation of Pirelli custom touring tyres and answer the call from motorcycle owners, Harley-Davidson in particular, for tyres which offer improved grip and stability without penalising the ride quality and high mileage that custom users pretend. They are also designed for “sleeper bikes” with souped-up power and torque used for acceleration contests where grip is essential if you are to achieve a lightning start. Pirelli engineers have worked on improving grip and traction so the Night Dragon ensures that all the power the bike produces is delivered to the ground. This objective has been achieved by working on the compound, tread pattern (both radial and standard), structure and profile, whilst optimising the contact patch. Pirelli Night Dragon tyres are designed for motorcyclists who love to travel long distances on their custom bikes in search of riding thrills without any mileage concerns. . . ..