P Zero™ Silver, Top performance for everyday use

Pirelli unveils its first series of highly-specialised tyres: indeed, with the new P Zero™ Silver, the company extends the P Zero™ range by focusing on long-lasting performance. P Zero™ Silver is the first UHP (Ultra High Performance) model to share the calculation and modelling process of F1™ tyres, i.e. the use of sophisticated mathematical models able to forecast performance and behaviour under all conditions. Like F1™ tyres, P Zero™ Silver also shares compound development and production technology and the building process. In particular, the new tyre is produced using a further development in MIRS™ technology, Pirelli’s robotised system designed to guarantee maximum build quality and precision. Pirelli has therefore developed a tyre capable of meeting the requirements of motorists who want their sports coupés and sedane to maintain top performance even over very long distances. Structure, compound and tread pattern help to restrict deformation of the tyre profile, thus increasing its life whilst ensuring unwavering performance. Thanks to an innovative solution that combines the characteristics of both harder and softer compounds, P Zero™ Silver delivers lasting high performance and improved control in every situation, an unprecedented achievement for a high-performance tyre. P Zero™ Silver is produced in 8 sizes for 19 and 20 inch rim diameters and will be available in European markets in April 2012 as a limited edition. http://youtu.be/aqKsq79vDn4