Paddock News, a New Meeting Place

Pirelli launches a new digital newsletter, Paddock News, offering you, our key audience, an opportunity to enter the Pirelli world. The paddock is a place where people meet, a place where work for major motorsport events is carried out and a place that defines Pirelli as a key player in some of the most important championships, from Formula 1 to Superbike and motocross, through rallying to the most prestigious trophy races. That’s why we’ve decided to call this brand new newsletter Paddock News – just like the paddock at a racing event, it’s a place for sharing knowledge and experience. Over a year, in each of its five issues, Paddock News will present a gallery of products, company news and information on our business units – Car, Moto, Motorsport and Truck.  There will be updates on technical innovations throughout the tyre range.  But that’s not all.  Pirelli is constantly researching and carrying out tests to enhance performance, increase safety and protect the environment Pirelli is all about the excellence that has enabled you to improve the driving experience through the use of pioneering technologies. We will be providing you with all you need to know about us, our production, our products and our events. Francesco Gori Chief Operating Officer Pirelli