Pirelli 2017 scooter range: introducing the new ANGEL™ SCOOTER and DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER, on display at EICMA - Stand C61, Pavilion 10

Pirelli is pleased to present the new 2017 Scooter Range which from January, will introduce two new products onto the market, ANGELSCOOTER and DIABLO ROSSOSCOOTER. These will be available with a complete range of sizes, and will progressively replace and expand the current DIABLO™ SCOOTER model during the course of next year.


ANGELSCOOTER and DIABLO ROSSOSCOOTER represent the direct movement of two historic Pirelli tyre families into the world of scooters. ANGEL™ and DIABLO™ families, from which they maintain the typical characteristics and distinctive traits, for users with varying needs and on different types of scooters. ANGELSCOOTER has a strong family feeling with the ANGEL™ range, Pirelli's sport touring line, as can also be seen by the tread pattern which follows the multiple award-winning and highly popular ANGEL GT™. This tyre is the guardian angel of urban mobility because it provides excellent riding comfort, handling and performance on wet roads, ideal characteristics for daily use in the urban jungle. DIABLO ROSSOSCOOTER, on the other hand, is inspired by the DIABLO™ family DNA, specifically the DIABLO ROSSO™ line which represents the Pirelli supersport tyre range. This tyre also takes its tread pattern from another pillar in the Pirelli range, the DIABLO ROSSO™ III which made its début this year, immediately gaining popularity among bikers all over the world. Just as DIABLO ROSSO™ III redefined the concept of sport riding in the motorcycle world, taking it to a new level, DIABLO ROSSOSCOOTER represents the new frontier for high performance scooters thanks to grip, unprecedented handling and consistent performance, characteristics to make the daily ride more pleasant and satisfying, regardless of the environment. The new tyres in the Pirelli scooter range will make their public début at the 74th Milan Motorcycle Show (EICMA), scheduled to be held from 08 to 13 November 2016, where visitors will be able to see and inspect the tyres.. The new products will be the attractions of a corner (Pavilion 10, stand C61), created in collaboration with the Pirelli Foundation, which traces the Pirelli heritage in the scooter world through historic images and film footage with particular focus on the economic boom in Italy. Who the new tyres are for ANGEL™ SCOOTER is dedicated to scooter riders who use them all year round in an urban setting, but also with a passenger. This means that these riders need long life, comfort, safety under braking and easy, predictable performance in any conditions, even on wet surfaces.


DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER is a radial tyre intended for owners of sport and high-performance scooters, no matter what engine capacity, who prefer a dynamic riding style and who use their scooters both in the city and on ‘twisty’ roads in the country. This tyre is perfect for those looking for excellent handling, highest-quality grip and consistent performance. Benefits and technical characteristics of each tyre The main benefits and technical characteristics of ANGEL™ SCOOTER are: •Excellent comfort: thanks to the combined action of the rigid structure and the innovative tread pattern, this tyre can take on any road surface. With ANGEL™SCOOTER, any scooter user will be able to enjoy a smoother, safer and more comfortable ride. In fact, the revolutionary shock absorption holes arranged along the tread contribute to increasing the flexibility of the tyre under the tread, not only allowing the vibrations and bumps in the road to be absorbed, but also increasing the tyre surface in contact with the asphalt during braking. •Top-level performance on wet surfaces: the new compound with a high percentage of silica content, combined with a new vulcanisation process, provides consistent and long-lasting performance in any weather conditions for the entire lifespan of the tyre. This means that the rider will be able to feel safe even on wet road surfaces. •Unprecedented urban handling: The new multi radius profile changes tyre performance at different lean angles, making the ride more agile when it comes to direction changes and going round corners, to then progressively become balanced and stable when leaning. For the rider, this translates into greater confidence when making turns, stability in all conditions and predictable scooter performance in difficult situations. DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER provides the following benefits and technical characteristics: •Sport handling: this tyre provides maximum agility in directional changes, great stability in a straight line, and precision when holding a riding ‘line’, whilst providing a high level of safety and predictability. This is due to the combined characteristics of the profiles and the structures derived from the new DIABLO ROSSO™ •The best grip: thanks to the materials and the experience gained in other areas, the new DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER provides high level performance in all conditions and at a wide range of operating temperatures. •Consistent performance: just having high performance is not enough; you need to be able to have that performance for the entire lifespan of the tyre. DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER has a dual blend solution on the rear and a high percentage of silica content that provides excellent grip in all conditions and after significant mileage. The sport profiles and the “flash” tread pattern ensure even wear and excellent water displacement. Sizes DIABLO ROSSOSCOOTER will be available from January 2017 in ten sizes, six for the front (14, 15 and 16 inches) and four for the rear (13, 14 and 15 inches). The complete range of sizes is below: ANGELSCOOTER will be available in limited sizes from January 2017 in a variety of sizes (10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 inches), with the full range available by the end of 2017.Some sizes will already be available from January 2017 and the range will be complete by the end of next year. Here are all the sizes that will be available: