Pirelli: Agreement with Schrader Electronics for the development of a new tyre check-up sensor

The new system, based on a mini-sensor capable of operating without a battery, can for the first time be located within the tyre itself and allows the tyre identification data and its temperature and pressure to be monitored in real time and transmitted to the car and driver.

Thanks to this sensor, the tyre is capable of interacting with the car, optimising the on-board electronic systems and enhancing safety and performance.

Milan , May 8th, 2006 Pirelli and Schrader Electronics have signed an agreement for the development and marketing of an innovative system that for the first time is positioned directly inside the tyre and is capable of reading the tyre identification data as well as its temperature and pressure. The heart of the system consists of a miniaturised sensor that has no need of a battery thanks to its capacity to generate its own energy.

In detail, the new technology developed by Pirelli and Schrader Electronics, for which the two companies have presented respectively three and two international patent applications, allows the principal tyre identification data such as its size and the type of summer or winter tread and other information such as the tyre temperature and pressure and the eventual residual flat running distance to be monitored and transferred to the car and driver in real time. The new sensor allows the tyre to interact with the car, enabling the parameters of the on-board electronic systems to adapt to the information received, therefore enhancing safety and performance.
The system, produced ad hoc for original equipment applications, is particularly suitable for Run Flat tyre as it permits optimal management of the parameters relating to driving on the flat tyre following a puncture.

The sensor developed by Pirelli and Schrader Electronics is also an economic and technologically advanced alternative to the onboard direct electronic tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) currently available on the market.

Thanks to the agreement with Schrader Electronics, Pirelli has reinforced its technological development activities in the field of tyre sensor systems following last years presentation of innovative pressure control system and new devices based on the wheel-tyre assembly capable of interacting with the vehicles dynamic control system.
Schrader Electronics, a Tomkins PLC owned company, supplies remote tyre pressure monitoring systems (RTPMS) to most of the main car manufacturers inEurope,JapanandAmerica and is the world leader in the development and production of tyre pressureand temperature monitoring systems.

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