Pirelli: aiming at growth in the US by equipping America's best-selling SUV

Original equipment on the Ford F-150, the Scorpion ATR is a "multi-purpose" tyre capable of offering excellent performance on and off road
Tozeur (Tunisia), 15 May 2006
- Pirelli is aiming to further reinforce its position on the American market by equipping the United States' best selling pick-up with the new Scorpion ATR tyre. This is a multi-purpose product that provides excellent performance on and off road making it ideal original equipment for the most popular SUVs.

Thanks to a specially reinforced structure, the use of latest generation materials and a highly innovative tread pattern, the new tyre also provides great comfort and low noise levels.

The new product further reinforces Pirelli's focus on the American market, universally considered to be the reference market for the SUV segment. With this strategy Pirelli has confirmed its positioning in the higher segments of the market, particularly in the United States where in 2005 the tyre sector recorded 8% of its sales, representing a growth of 18% with respect to the previous year.

Developed in partnership with the leading automotive manufacturers, Scorpion ATR has been subjected to intensive research and development using Pirelli's most advanced technologies and the experience gained by the company in the field of motorsport. The latest generation materials used in its construction, from the polymers to the silica, and the innovative tread pattern with special blocks and linear grooves, are capable of guaranteeing high performance, greater resistance to wear and contact patch uniformity, as well as enhancing the traction and braking values, even on slippery surfaces, together with excellent resistance to aquaplaning and a significant reduction in road noise.

Available in a wide range of sizes up to 24" and coded for maximum speeds of up to 210 kph, Scorpion ATR is destined to equip various types of SUVs and pick-ups, from the Suzuki Jimny to the Hummer H2 and H3, the Jeep Wrangler and the Toyota LandCruiser, from the Mitsubishi L200 Heavy Duty to the Dodge Ram, the GMC Sierra and the Ford F series. Characterised by an aggressive, elegant design, Scorpion ATR is also available with white sidewall lettering.

With the launch of Scorpion ATR, Pirelli has provided further confirmation of its leadership in the SUV segment - the first Scorpion tyre for which was introduced in the 1980s for the Lamborghini LM002 - and extends the Scorpion range to cover all types of use. From the Scorpion STR tyres homologated as original equipment on the most prestigious SUVs in Europe and North America to the Scorpion Ice & Snow for winter conditions and the ultra-high performance Scorpion Zero for use on wet and dry asphalt.

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