Pirelli Aims To Bring Year To A Triumphant Close

Milan, 4 november 2005 - The 2005 season draws to a close with the all-gravel Rally Australia , an event on which Pirelli has been strong in the past. The stages are made up of fast and loose gravel, with a notorious ball bearing' surface that heavily penalises the first car on the road. There is a wide variety of speeds and corners meaning that a good all-round set-up and tyre choice is the key to victory. Tyre durability is as essential as pure performance, as the stages can be hot and abrasive. Temperatures are usually very warm, but rain is nonetheless a possibility. Pirelli's three partner teams - Subaru, Peugeot and Mitsubishi - will have two types of tyre suggested to them for Australia : the K and the KP. In case of rain, the KM is also available. As always, the P Zero range is equipped with Pirelli's EMI anti-deflation system. FOR SMOOTH STAGES WITH COMPACTED GRAVEL K (Size: 205/65-15) Steps: 2 and 4 (with evolution) Description: The K has a proven track record on gravel events with a hard base, of which Australia is a classic example. It will be the base tyre choice for Peugeot and Mitsubishi, and is expected to be competitive in a wide range of conditions. In case of softer surfaces or rain, the tyre can be hand-cut in order to disperse gravel or water more effectively. KP (Size: 205/65-15) Steps: 2 and 4 (with evolution) Description: The KP is an alternative tyre choice, which works at its best in slightly softer conditions than those ideally suited to the K. Subaru has nominated this tyre as their base choice. Again, two compounds are available to cater for an ample range of temperatures, and the tyres can be hand-cut to disperse loose gravel or water more effectively. These were the tyres with which Petter Solberg set 11 fastest stage times in Australia last year. KM (Size: 205/65-15) Steps: 2 and 4 (with evolution) Description: The KM will be used only if it rains or for stages with a very soft surface. NB. The higher the step number, the softer the tyre compound. THE PRODUCTION CAR WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Australia is the final round of the Production Car World Rally Championship, for Group N cars. The base rubber will be a specially reinforced KP2 tyre (the Championship rules do not allow anti-deflation mousse). If it rains, the competitors will use KM2 rubber. More information and photographs on Pirelli's motor sport activities: www.pirellicompetizioni.com