Pirelli announces tyre choices up to Hungary

Pirelli today has confirmed the tyre choice for the forthcoming British Grand Prix, which is PZero Silver hard (prime) and PZero Yellow soft (option) as previously announced a month ago. The Italian company also revealed the choices for the next two grands prix in Germany and Hungary.

For the German Grand Prix, held at the Nürburgring this year, the PZero White medium and PZero Yellow soft tyres will be used as prime and option respectively: just as was the case at the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

For the tight and twisty Hungaroring circuit in Hungary, the choice is PZero Yellow soft (prime) and PZero Red supersoft (option): the same nomination that was made in Monaco and Canada.

Silverstone is one of the quickest tracks of the year, requiring the use of the hard tyre to cope with the sustained high speeds that are a characteristic of the British circuit. The soft tyres as an option will give the teams plenty of opportunity to make use of race strategy.

The Nurburgring contains a wide variety of speeds and corners, making it ideal territory for the medium tyre – which has a very versatile range. The soft tyre is expected to be faster, so it is likely to be used in qualifying by all the frontrunners.

The Hungaroring contains several tight corners and a low average speed, making it best suited to the two softest compounds in the PZero range, which are capable of delivering the maximum performance and grip.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery commented: “Our nominations are designed to maximise the opportunities for strategy and find the right compromise between performance and durability. For Silverstone, we are confirming the decision we took a few weeks ago, after once more consulting all the teams, and for the next two races we have arrived at what we feel to be the best solution based on the information that we have so far. As has been the case up to now this year, we think that there will be quite a wide variety of different strategies for the next three grands prix, but for all the races it’s reasonably hard to predict how many pit stops there will be: it ultimately depends on the strategy and strengths of each individual car and team.”

The tyre choices so far:

  PZero Red PZero Yellow PZero White PZero Silver
Australia   Soft   Hard
Malaysia   Soft   Hard
China   Soft   Hard
Turkey   Soft   Hard
Spain   Soft   Hard
Monaco Supersoft Soft    
Canada Supersoft Soft    
Europe   Soft Medium  
Britain   Soft   Hard
Germany   Soft Medium  
Hungary Super Soft Soft    


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