Milan, July 25, 2013 – Pirelli has announced the slick P Zero compounds that will be taken to the first three grands prix of the second half of the season, in Belgium, Italy and Singapore.

At Spa, the longest and one of the fastest circuits of the year, Pirelli will bring the P Zero Orange hard and P Zero White medium. Spa is the circuit that puts the highest vertical load on the front tyres all season, mainly due to Eau Rouge corner. Consequently, the two hardest tyres from Pirelli’s Formula One range are the most suitable.

For Pirelli’s home race at Monza, the hard and the medium compounds will be used once more. Whereas Spa is characterized by a lot of fast corners, Monza is all about high-speed straights. Here, the tyres are subjected to very high longitudinal forces and blistering can be an issue due to the stress put on the tyres under braking. Therefore, the two hardest compounds are also the ideal choice at this race.

Singapore, by contrast, will be run with the P Zero White medium and P Zero Red supersoft (with the softest tyre in the range making its first appearance since Canada). Singapore is a street circuit run at night, which places unique demands on the tyres. The tight and twisty corners make the supersoft the ideal tyre to generate traction and grip, while the medium tyre adds extra durability into the strategy mix.

All the tyres will be in the same specification as used from Hungary: with the 2012 construction matched to the 2013 compounds. The Cinturato Green intermediate and Cinturato blue full wet will also be brought to every race as usual.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery commented: “The second half of the season starts off with two of the fastest and most demanding races for tyres of the year, in Belgium and Italy. Singapore is a completely different challenge: the final street race of the season, which is ideal territory for the supersoft tyres. As always, our selections have concentrated on providing the best opportunities for strategy as well as the most effective race tyres.”

The tyre choices so far

  PZero Red PZero Yellow PZero White PZero Orange
Australia Supersoft   Medium  
Malaysia     Medium Hard
China   Soft Medium  
Bahrain     Medium Hard
Spain     Medium Hard
Monaco Supersoft Soft    
Canada Supersoft   Medium  
Great Britain     Medium Hard
Germany   Soft Medium  
Hungary   Soft Medium  
Belgium     Medium Hard
Italy     Medium Hard
Singapore Supersoft   Medium