Pirelli breaks records in the British Superbike Championship and wins the first races of the German and Dutch Superbike national championships and Alpe Adria

Oulton Park BSB lap record for Josh Brookes on standard DIABLO™ Superbike SC1 tyres, while current standings leader Shane Byrne said: "Impressive job done by Pirelli!" The Italian tyre manufacturer has monopolised the podium in both the IDM Superbike (with Xavi Forés, Max Neukirchner and Markus Reiterberger) as well as in the ONK Dutch Superbike Championship (with Arie Vos, Nigel Walraven and Kervin Bos) This weekend Pirelli dominated national Superbike championships all over Europe. The 2014 motorcycle competition season has only been running for a couple of months but it has already given Pirelli many successes and satisfaction. This has been achieved not only in the international arena and in the control tyre championships such as the World and British Superbike Championships but also in competitions that involve the participation of different tyre suppliers such as the Alpe Adria Championship and the 24 Hours endurance competition of the Bol d'Or- which was won by Pirelli for the third consecutive year, plus various national Superbike championships. The icing on the cake of a perfect weekend for Pirelli arrived yesterday in the British Superbike series where Josh Brookes, on his Yamaha Milwaukee machine equipped with Pirelli standard DIABLO™ Superbike SC1 tyres, logged a 1'35.411 time breaking the lap record of the track on the 17th of 18 scheduled laps. Satisfaction was also expressed by the current championship leader Shane Byrne who at the end of the races expressed his appreciation for the new Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike 17-inch tyres, this year also available for the British championship, by declaring: “My riding style is evolving thanks to the new 17-inch tyres, and you’re constantly trying new things. We look at people like Marquez and what they’re doing, and try and use that to better ourselves and be the best we can be. I remember some things from circuits, and how we used to go through corners; when you think what we’re doing now, it’s incredible! Places where you used to have to roll through are now just brake and then ‘go’! - there’s no middle bit any more. It’s really impressive, the job that Pirelli have done! So, records and success in what many consider the most spectacular superbike national championship in the world but also in those championships in which competition between tyre manufacturers is more alive than ever. With regard to the Alpe Adria Motorcycle Road Racing Championship the first race of the season was held over the weekend, at the Adria Raceway circuit, and Pirelli achieved success in all classes (Superbike, Supersport, Superstock 1000 and Superstock 600) by obtaining also in Race 2 of Superbike and Superstock 600 a full podium. Also on Sunday but at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz circuit, in the first round of the IDM Superbike, the German national championship, Pirelli has monopolised the podium in the Superbike class with the Ducati 3C-Racing Team riders Xavi Forés and Max Neukirchner who on the 1199 Panigale R shod with Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike tyres achieved in both Race 1 and Race 2 respectively the first and the second places. The third step of the podium in both races went to another Pirelli rider, Markus Reiterberger from VanZon Remeha BMW team. Xavi Forés is now the leader of the overall standings with 50 points, followed by Max Neukirchner with 40 points, Markus Reiterberger with 32 and Michael Ranseder with 22. Four riders of three different motorcycle manufacturers in the top four positions of the overall standings, demonstrating the versatility and perfect adaptability of Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike tyres. A similar scenario on the same day, but this time in Holland at the Hengelo track, there are three riders who chose Pirelli tyres leading the overall standings after the first two rounds of the ONK Dutch Superbike Championship. Arie Vos, who at Hengelo set a new track record a full second faster than the previous record, Nigel Walraven and Kervin Bos, the latter a wildcard in the Superbike World Championship at Assen just a week ago.