Pirelli brings competition tyres to the road

Out of the success of the Superstock600 Championship is born the Pirelli Diablo Corsa III, the tyre that combines safety and track performance on the road.

Milan, 7 June 2006 - Pirelli has begun selling tyres born and developed within the ambit of the Superstock600 Championship.

Benefiting from a further season's racing development, the new Diablo Corsa III uses new materials, the patented zero degrees spiralled steel belt and MIRS technology permitting the construction of a seamless product to guarantee excellent performance both on the road and on track, allowing riders to exploit the full potential of modern "supersport" bikes in both situations.

In order to bring the benefits of racing experience to the road, Pirelli has created a rear cover with diversified compounds, a softer formula being used on the lateral section of the tyre so as to provide maximum grip even when turning in to a corner.

With the new Diablo Corsa III tyre Pirelli has completed the Diablo range reserved for sporting riding styles on road and track and has confirmed its leadership in the highest segments of the market.

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