Pirelli Cyber™ Fleet lights your way

“Pirelli Cyber Fleet. Light your way”. This is the claim of the new campaign that Pirelli is counting on to strengthen its image both as a reliable and, at the same time, innovative leader in the HCV sector. Indeed, Cyber™ Fleet is a solution offering improved efficiency, environmental friendliness and on-the-road safety. A sensor fitted inside the tyre records and transmits temperature and pressure, helping to reduce rolling resistance and extending the life of the tyre. In the new advertising spot created by Rome’s Metachaos agency and scheduled for worldwide release we see a lighthouse that aims its light on the tyre, whilst the vehicle continues easily along the road. The metaphor is quite clear: like ships that turn to a lighthouse for assistance in order to keep on the right course, so modern vehicle fleets can rely on Cyber Fleet, the revolutionary system allowing optimisation of fuel consumption and management of vehicle maintenance costs. With Cyber Fleet, the Pirelli group once again lights the way with innovation.