Pirelli dominates the European summer tyre tests

The Milanese firm triumphs in 8 out of 11 tests conducted by the motoring authorities and the specialist press.
Also among the brands most frequently recommended by the press.
Cinturato P4 and P Zero take centre stage thanks to their ecocompatibility characteristics and performance. Excellent placings also obtained by the Pirelli P6, P7 and Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

Pirelli dominated the European tests of summer tyres in every reference category, obtaining eight overall victories and two "podium" placings in a total of 11 tests conducted by the motoring authorities and the specialist press. The uncontested stars of the series of tests were the brand-new Cinturato P4 destined for medium displacement and city cars (thanks to its ecocompatibility and safety characteristics) and the P Zero, the high technology tyre developed for the most sporting cars (in recognition of its remarkably high performance). The results of the 2008 Summer Tests confirm the Milanese company as the leading brand for quality and reliability in all product ranges.

Making its debut in the summer tests, the new Cinturato P4, launched in Milan last January,proved to be the best tyre overall in its category, winning the most demanding test: the one conducted by the Automobile Club of Germany (ADAC). ADAC's final verdict was "highly recommended" with the following comments:
  • Strengths: "A very well balanced tyre with the best wear performance. Particularly good performance in the wet."
  • Weaknesses: none.
The test involved 18 tyres from different manufacturers and saw the Cinturato P4 prevail thanks to its performance in all five test parameters (wear resistance, dry surfaces, wet surfaces, comfort, rolling resistance), showing particularly well in the wear resistance test in which it was markedly superior to its rivals.
The P6 also obtained an excellent result in its category, being defined by the ADAC technicians as "excellent in all areas of significance to safety".

The ADAC tests were also the point of reference for the technicians from the GTU (one of the most important German authorities in the sector) who, in collaboration with the magazine ACE Lenkrad, tested the rolling resistance of Pirelli's new ecocompatible tyre. Once again, the Cinturato P4 shrugged off its rivals and proved to be the best tyre in the premium segment, while the Pirelli P6 was "Recommended".

In the wake of the German technician's positive verdicts, the Cinturato P4 leapt to the top of the Best Buy charts in the principal European consumer magazines: Que Choisir in France, Test
Achats in Belgium, Ocu in Spain and Pro Teste in Portugal, all of which praised the tyre's ecological characteristics and low running costs.

The British magazine Which? also defined the tyre as its "Best Buy" thanks to the mileage it offers and its excellent performance and safety characteristics; the Pirelli P6 also proved to be a "Best Buy", being described by Which? as "very safe and the best in its category for braking in the wet".
The P Zero swept the board in Germany with four overall victories in four tests. Pirelli's Ultra High Performance tyre for super sports cars overwhelmed its rivals in the tests conducted by Auto Zeitung, Sport Auto, Sport Auto Tuning Spezial and Power Car, which unanimously voted it the top tyre in the reference segment.

There were also excellent placings for other Pirelli products: the P7 was the winner in the tests conducted by the German magazine Gute Fahrt, which voted it the best tyre in the handling and aquaplaning tests, while the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico was the winner in the tests conducted by the French magazine L'Argus in relation to safety, roadholding and wet and dry braking.