Pirelli GM, the new star for historic rally cars on gravel

Pirelli GM is a gravel tyre designed for both historic rally cars and those models whose homologation has expired. Indeed, Pirelli GM was originally developed for the Ford Escort MKII, but is also ideally suited to the Peugeot 205, Opel Kadett, Renault 5, Fiat Uno, Citroën Visa and the other big names of rallying on gravel. Available in two different compounds, Pirelli GM has an asymmetric tread pattern that ensures optimum performance on dry, damp, wet or muddy surfaces. There are three distinct areas: -  The inside has blocks with large grooves guaranteeing excellent grip and optimum control when braking. - The central blocks provide directional stability in the straight or when cornering. - The outside has very solid blocks specially designed to facilitate gravel removal and water drainage in wet conditions.