Pirelli Has Won "Recommended Tyre Brand" in 2009 China Automotive Aftermarket

Shanghai China, April 19th, 2009 - China Automotive Aftermarket Summit Forum was grandly held in Shanghai. Motor Trend Magazine announced 2009 China Automotive Aftermarket Recommended Brands List. Pirelli has won the title of "Recommended Brand" in the Tyre Category.

The forum was held jointly by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Society of Automotive Engineering, China Automotive Technology and Research Centre, China International Trade Promotion Committee Auto CCPIT, China Automotive News and Motor Trend Magazine. In view of the unpredictable international situation, various challenges and opportunities in this year, the distinguished guests elaborated the impacts on the automobile aftermarket industry by global financial crisis and the corresponding actions under the theme of "Seeking Opportunities in Crisis, Enhancing Strength from Challenges."

China Automotive Recommended Brand Award, published by Motor Trend Magazine, has its significant influence especially in China automobile industry. The recommended brands and enterprises listed are worth trusted by consumers and helpful to become a reference of standard in the aftermarket industry.

Pirelli has won the competitive survey most loved by the voters of Motor Trend website and other collaborated websites taking part. The netizens in the initiative voted for Pirelli for its super technology, excellent quality, sophisticated technology, superior product, performance and safety.
The Pirelli China CEO, Mr. Cattaneo expressed with great gladness, "we are so glad to receive the award honourably. It is a good chance for Pirelli to demonstrate its strength and capability under the most difficult time. Although the worldwide financial crisis has some impact on Pirelli, we still have full confidence in Chinese market. We will keep bringing advanced technology and superior products, pursuing higher performance and better quality of product and service to reward consumers' support."

Since Pirelli's industrial presence in China in 2005, Pirelli tyre have been recognized by a big population of customers and vehicle manufactures for its innovation, advanced technology, high performance leadership and etc. During these years, China has become one of its most important and strategic markets in the world, Pirelli's investment in Chinese market has gradually expanded in terms of production capacity, product localization, human resource and retail network establishment.

In March 2009, Pirelli announced the sponsorship agreement with China Football Association Super League.

In December of 2008, Pirelli was crowned "Best Tyre Manufacturer of the Year" at one of the China most influential event of "China Auto Service Golden Finger Awards and Golden Wrench Awards".