Pirelli implements a package of integrated fleet solutions

During the Driving Innovation event held last month in Munich, Pirelli’s Truck Business Unit illustrated new integrated solutions for the world of road transport and effective, efficient management of heavy-vehicle fleets. The audience of around 300 guests, representing the main international fleets operating from Europe to the Far East, international dealers and partners, showed great interest in the new package of products and services designed to make the running of heavy vehicle fleets more efficient. Indeed, the Pirelli 2012 Fleet Survey shows that more than 90% of medium/large European fleets have set themselves the objective of measuring and reducing fuel consumption in order to cut running costs. As far as products are concerned, the Pirelli flagship is the 01 Series, a range of tyres for industrial vehicles (winter – W; long haul - H; medium/long haul - R; mixed road and site use - G; fitment for trailers and semi-trailers - ST) that guarantees affordable running costs, safety and environmental friendliness due to the reduction in pollutant emissions. Turning to services, the Pirelli Fleet Solutions package includes: Cyber Fleet, real-time tyre pressure and temperature measuring system; Fleet Check, a centralised database providing continually-updated information about tyre fitment and condition; Fleet Management, tyre maintenance management service run by the Pirelli dealer network; CQ24 International, roadside assistance for long-haul vehicles, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; Novateck, a tyre retreading solution provided by network of approved retreaders.