Pirelli launches the latest generation of P Zero in Portugal

30 years after the very first P Zero appeared, at Portugal’s Autódromo do Estoril circuit Pirelli launched the latest version of the tyre that has made history over the last few decades in all its variants: from the P Zero System to the Rosso, not forgetting of course the Nero, the Corsa and the current P Zero introduced in 2007. The objective is to meet the growing demand for performance, reliability and safety, and to reinforce Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy, which means a custom made tyre for each model of car. In total, there are now 11 members of the P Zero family: the new P Zero will be launched to the markets with a portfolio of 60 homologations. Less noise, decreased rolling resistance and better aquaplaning performance make the new P Zero the most advanced expression of tyre technology available today, as well as the most reliable tyre when it comes to handling the extreme power of modern supercars. This is thanks to new underlayer compounds to improve handling and rolling resistance, innovative polymers with advanced mechanical properties to optimise performance in both wet and dry conditions, and an innovative tread pattern design with deeper longitudinal grooves to expel more water. The F1 Bead technology within the new P Zero is directly derived from FORMULA 1, utilising an especially rigid compound within the bead area that allows a more rapid and precise steering response, avoiding any unexpected loss of lateral grip. The P Zero has just one name but it is produced in three individual technical variants, with different applications and performance levels. For cars with a more sporting character there is a less sculpted tread pattern design, which is intended to favour more dynamic and sports orientated performance. The second tread design is more appropriate for saloon cars, thanks to an external shoulder that is more deeply grooved and designed to better absorb each impact with the road surface, enhancing comfort which is an important part of these cars. Finally, the third design is a lot more aggressive, coming close to the slick tyres seen in motorsport: this has been created for the new P Zero Corsa. So each type of car has its own special type of P Zero. And this is at the very heart of Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yBywNTPH3Y