Pirelli launches the New Sottozero Serie II

Switzerland, Zermatt, 3 June 2008 Pirelli launches the new Winter Sottozero Serie II onto the European market with a spectacular event involving testing the new tyre on the Matterhorn Glacier.
Winter Sottozero Serie II is the high performance Pirelli winter tyre, developed to respond to the needs of the most demanding drivers and able to read and adapt to all asphalt conditions of autumn and winter. The features of the new Pirelli tyre are safety and respect for the environment, and it has been created to guarantee the best performance and reliability not only on snow or ice, but also on wet, slushy, slippery or simply freezing roads typical of the cold season.

Winter Sottozero Serie II, in W210/240 and W270 versions, will be part of Pirelli winter tyre range and available in our dealers' network, starting from September 2008.
Porsche , Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Bentley, Aston Martin e Alfa Romeo have already chosen the new Pirelli winter product for their cars as first equipment.
The innovative tread of Winter Sottozero Serie II has been created to reduce aquaplaning and increase lateral force and grip, thanks to a system of grooves that guarantees a superior adherence on all road surfaces.
From September more information will be available.

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