Pirelli logistical efforts for the WSBK Championship

Pirelli logistical efforts for the WSBK Championship are usually well displayed in the paddock, thanks to the impressive number of tyres, people and trucks. Less visible but more demanding the job done to face the overseas Rounds of this first part of the Championship.

For the Australian race of Phillip Island Pirelli sent by boat 4,500 tyres on januaray the 5th, together with 2 fitting machines. The week after Pirelli technicians were here at Phillip Island testing a new solution, which revealed to be good and so was immediately produced in 1000 pieces.

So while the first stuff was on the boat, Pirelli sent by air other 1000 tyres and other 3 fitting machines which will go back on the same plane as riders'bikes. This because they need to start again for the next oversea race of the WSBK that will take place in the United States at Miller Creek at beginning June.