Pirelli moto and sustainability in racing: reflecting upon the first fim e-power world championship

Firefighter father and son of Team Betti Moto win the championship and American architect/designer Michael Czysz continues his dream

This past September on a motorcycle built and raced by two firemen from Tuscany, Thomas and Luciano Betti (Betti Moto), made history along with Pirelli by winning the first electric motorcycle racing championship organized by the FIM. The e-Power series has now attracted the interest of the public of global industries related to the environment, ecology and sustainable mobility, many who have contributed to the performances of these vehicles at every major race. Victory for Pirelli in this racing series is evidence that its Diablo Supercorsa SC and Diablo Superbike tyres are a winning choice also for those who participate in eco-sustainable racing. Betti Moto began the season winning the opening round in April on the occasion of FIM Endurance World Championship Le Mans 24-hour event in France and was crowned champion in front of 69,000 FIM World Superbike fans at the fifth and final round in Imola, Italy. Thomas Betti won the championship by just one point over the competition and ahead of third-placed Pirelli rider Matthias Himmelmann (Münch Team), race winner at the penultimate round at Bol D’or. Participating in only one FIM e-Power race this season, American designer Michael Czysz took his E1pc bike to victory during the Laguna Seca round of the MotoGP calendar. All three riders found their race-winning performance on Diablo Supercorsa or Diablo Superbike tyres, offering an easiness of handling and accepting the immediate torque of the electric engines. Giorgio Barbier, Racing Director, Pirelli Moto offered, “The e-Power championship represents a new visibility into the possibilities of sustainable racing. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tyres are known for delivering maximum grip and regular wear, critical for electric motors which generate full torque right from standstill. The technology and investments in the field of electric-powered bikes constantly change the competitiveness of these teams, with true innovation at its core.” Thomas Betti, e-Power Champion commented, “It was a historic championship, and we found little improvements every race which gave us the possibility to win. Electric motorcycle racing is not new… we’ve been competing in various racing series since 1999 and have won 8 championships, but the learning curve is so fast that from one race to the next you can make so many steps forward. We’d certainly like to thank Pirelli for their technical support this year.” The new motorcycle from Betti Moto promises to deliver over 100 hp and should be a contender for the 2011 FIM e-Power International Championship. Along with competing in the e-Power Championship, Michael Czysz also took his brand new E1pc to the Isle of Mann TT where American Mark Miller rode the bike to victory in its first outing. Mark became the second American to win on the Isle in nearly 30 years, recording an average lap speed and new track record for its class (94,6 mpg), besting last year’s time by nearly 10 mph. The same bike was then raced at the Bonneville Salt Flats where, the E1pc broke the standing land speed record for its class (155 mph) in its first outing by hitting 160 mph. Michael and the E1pc continued to improve, finally reaching 163 mph. ABOUT THE FIM E-POWER INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP This first edition of an international championship reserved for electric-powered bikes and organized by the FIM, saw five rounds all organized in combination with prestigious motorcycle events like Endurance and Superbike World Championships. Previously, these competitors were “two-wheeled” guest of the FIA electric racing championship. FINAL RESULTS – FIM E-POWER (5 of 5 rounds): 1. Thomas Betti (Ita-Betti Moto) points 87; 2. Thijs De Ridder (Bel-Crystalyte Europe) 86; 3. Matthias Himmelman (Ger-Muench) 56; 4. Christian Amendt (Ger-Epo Bike) 48; 5. Reiner Kopp (Ger-Muench) 33; 6. Luciano Betti (Ita-Betti Moto) 26; 7. Michael Czysz (Usa-Motoczysz) 25; 8. Michael Barnes (Lightning Motorcycles) 20; 9. Stefano Brocchi (Ita-Muench) 16