Pirelli Plant Sets Tyre Production Record In Germany

With 10 million units produced, the Breuberg plant becomes the country's leader. In the same area, Pirelli also has one of the most advanced development and testing centres in Europe. Milan, 1 December 2005 - Pirelli will this year set a record in the production of high performance tyres at its plant in Breuberg. With 10 million units produced, the plant will become Germany's leading single production site. The Breuberg plant, located outside Frankfurt, is Pirelli's most important industrial facility in Europe, covering an area of 350,000 square metres. Highly automated, implementing the innovative Mirs (Modular Integrated Robotized System) production process, patented and introduced by Pirelli in 2000, the plant focuses on the production of high performance tyres for cars, SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) and motorcycles, for both the German and European markets. Germany is considered as a market of reference in Europe for the high performance tyre segments. The close relationship with German car makers is strategic for Pirelli and facilitates the consolidation of existing technological partnerships in this sector, which are important for the development of innovative products. Pirelli's leading position in one of Europe's most competitive and demanding markets is confirmation of the products' success and positioning in the premium segment. And it is also the result of Pirelli's development activities in the Breuberg testing center, one of the most advanced in Europe. Pirelli Tyres has production facilities in 12 countries with 24 plants and has a commercial and distribution network that covers all the continents of the globe.