Pirelli presents Diablo Rosso Corsa: the first tyre to apply labels personalised by the rider

The new Pirelli motorcycle tyre can be personalized with one’s own name or with words, designs and colors placed on the sides of each tyre

Pirelli_Diablo_Rosso_Corsa_Front_PersonalisedWith Pirelli’s new Diablo Rosso Corsa, the motorcycle tyre is transformed from a purely technical component into a “canvas” on which motorcyclists may write and communicate their story and inspirations. Pirelli Moto opens the road to tyre personalization with an industry first: the unique and exclusive possibility to apply special labels on the sidewall of the tyres, accepting a full name or initials, single words or entire messages, images, logos and colors. Dedicated spaces on the sides of the front and rear tyres of Pirelli’s newest ultra-performance tyre are specially designed to accommodate the innovative labels, which anyone can freely create from Pirelli’s website and receive at home. The Diablo Rosso Corsa personalisation kit contains an exclusive set of six tyre labels and the necessary adhesive materials to apply them to the tyres’ sidewalls, and is available to create and order on-line directly from a special section of Pirelli’s website: www.pirellityre.com/drc. In a simple yet new era of exclusivity, motorcyclists can choose from a vast selection of templates containing prestigious circuits of the Superbike World Championship, as well as designs and country flags, and compose even one’s own name or unique message in a variety of colors. In this simple but stylish way, the Diablo Rosso Corsa becomes an even more unique element of the bike as its expression of personal tastes makes it more possible for motorcyclists to differentiate themselves. The Diablo Rosso Corsa is a hypersport tyre characterized by differentiated compound zones with an exclusive shoulder compound derived straight from WSBK, along with a performance-enhancing contact patch technology for a package that fuses superior craftsmanship and a “signature” look, both ultramodern and timeless. The tyre thus becomes a discreet element of style and is all about the consumers’ tastes. This Pirelli innovation makes the tyre purchase even more personal, since the labels can be applied only to Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa motorcycle tyres. Label application and safety instructions can be downloaded from Pirelli’s website: www.pirelli.com.