Pirelli receives the “Oscar Masi for Innovation” award

Thanks to the CVA™ Prototype otherwise known as the "Mechanical Eye", Pirelli earned the prestigious Oscar Masi award in Industrial Innovation. AIRI (Italian Association for Industrial Research) has awarded Pirelli the “Oscar Masi for Innovation” award whose main subject for 2016 was “innovative products and processes in line with future smart manufacturing”. The award was handed over to Pirelli’s researchers Gianni Mancini and Vincenzo Boffa, who have been working for four years on the project “Prototype CVA: Automatic Visual Control of the tyre”. The project was born in Pirelli’s R&D laboratories in Milan and has seen the important collaboration of the University of Bologna and of the Turin Polytechnic, further demonstrating the growing support provided by Pirelli to the world of Italian research. The CVA is an automatic system of product analysis which uses innovative technologies of artificial vision and automation to assess potential defects of the final product. Pirelli has developed the algorithms necessary to study images and see potential defects, introducing a really interesting innovation which could be very useful in processes which today can only be made manually. These algorithms are capable of identifying any defects and flaws in every part of the tyre, guaranteeing the necessary response in time frames that are compatible with the mechanical cycle.